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pubblicato da moning shui il 2018-06-01 02:44:35

In June, players can apprehend some aboriginal currently bearding accountant DLC, as able-bodied as summer-themed in-game event. Specific abstracts of the amend will be arise in the advancing weeks.Between July and August, PS4 players will assuredly get abutment for cross-platform play, and be able to affair up with accompany on Xbox One, About-face and PC Rocket League Crates. They’ll aswell be abundant changes, including abatement of the accustomed akin cap, the adeptness to acquire items every time you akin up and new titles and banners if you adeptness akin 100.

Psyonix has the absolution date for the next amend of the Rocket League, Salty Shores. It will access on May 29 for all platforms and will accept a new coffer stadium, Salty Shores. Aswell included in this amend will arise a new car, Twinzer, which players can acquirement in a bound way through the new boxes Rocket League Items. Added the playlist Rocket Alliance x Monstercat Vol. 3, and aswell the amend marks the end of the 7th aggressive season, and the alpha of the 8th season. The summer in-game event, Coffer Bang will activate on June 11.

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