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pubblicato da Mmoak2018 Mmoak2018 il 2018-07-05 02:30:50

Hello, I'm new here. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section. I've decided to play the Luminous class, however there are many questions which Maplestory2 Mesos got me mad and I hope to have the ability to receive some help here.

When beginning in the Maple World, Mia has a quest for you at Level 5. For me, I was to talk to Grendel at Ellinia's Royal Library, but once I clicked the pursuit title to finish it, nothing happens and the pursuit remains "unresolved". How do I "resolve" this? I see this tendency occurs for various other NPCs; not positive when I want to name a number of them or if it occurs only to me personally.

Upon reaching Level 18, I unlock the "Marbas the Demon" Quest. When I entered the Demon's Doorway via the pass and being beneath Level 40, and passing through Marbas' Strolling Path to Marbas' Hiding Place, there wasn't any Marbas to be seen in Any Way. I've tried this on both buffed and "normal" channels, and with several characters and each of them led exactly the same manner. It was completely different from that revealed in YouTube videos from 5, 6 decades ago. Is there something that I did wrong?

Also, upon leveling up, I never got to spend any things in my understanding in any way. They look very weird to me as they seem to be maxed out, and I have 0 Skill Points no matter how often I level up. I am also not able to utilize any of the skills despite being classed under Luminous. Can somebody identify and assist me please?

Is there a course guide I could refer to, that Maplestory items is up-to-date and (especially) for the Luminous class? I'm playing [censored the name] if that helps in any manner. I am really hoping to be able to get back into the game. My birthday's in 2 days and I truly want to enjoy this few days with good MapleStory! I was introduced to it with a friend. I didn't know that it was prohibited.

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